To Be Free

About the Song


The song “To Be Free” was inspired by the struggle of a man to be free. To be free from hunger, disease, financial hardship and the oppression from others in the form of bureaucratic greed, corruption and political power.  The struggle was that of a resourceful and fiercely independent man, committed to self-sufficiency and living off the grid.  He came into conflict with bureaucrats that live to regulate other people’s lives.  It is the modern struggle of self-reliance and independent living verses government control.  It is the struggle to not lose the personal freedom to manage your most basic aspects of human existence.

What freedoms will we be losing with today’s direct assault on all our freedoms?  In recent times we have experienced a global pandemic intentionally advanced by foreign adversaries, and it’s resulting economic hardships, followed by mobs looting and burning our cities, and ideologically motivated anarchists attempting to destabilize the freest nation on the earth.  What freedoms do we have? What freedoms do we not have? What freedoms are we willing to fight to keep?